🚀 Our Mission

Otterspace’s mission is to enable trustless coordination in the decentralized internet by building the rails for platformless status and reputation. The Otterspace Protocol enables anyone to create and issue revocable and expirable non-transferable Badges, and our API and application provide a frictionless environment for developers and non-developers alike.

The Otterspace app and protocol are used by dApps, DAOs, and communities including Bankless DAO, Cabin, Token Engineering Academy, Developer DAO, Decentraland, and many more.

As an early-stage startup, we value generalists who are excited to build something from scratch and appreciate a fast-paced and fast-changing environment as we navigate our path to product-market fit.

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🌟 Our Values

🕸  Decentralization

We believe in the power of decentralization but are also mindful of the present realities and constraints that will require trade-offs in the short term. Our approach is to decentralize our own infrastructure and organization progressively over time.

👥  Community

Community is at the heart of everything we do, and even while we cannot yet call ourselves a DAO, we strive to build community from day one. We hope to make our own Discord community a place where builders can share best practices and learnings as we build the Otterverse together.

🤗  Positive sum mindset

We want to leave behind the Web2 mindset of building walls, locking users in, and competing for market share. We believe in the power of collaboration, incentive-aligned networks, and win-win outcomes.

🌈 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We strongly believe that diverse teams are better teams, and they build better products. Building an inclusive and equitable culture from day 1 is a priority for us. We strive to eliminate bias and continuously invest in implementing fair & transparent practices.

Open Roles

Our Interview Process

The Organization

We work in a hybrid manner, spending our day-to-day mostly working from home and coming together every quarter for hack weeks, offsites, retreats, and conferences. Our working style is based on asynchronous collaboration, trust, autonomy, and ownership.

Otterspace was founded in the spring of 2022 by Rahul Rumalla, Emily Furlong, and Ben Dobbrick, and funded by leading investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Cherry Crypto, and Coinbase with a USD 3.7M investment. Our team of 8 is mostly based in Europe and has a small co-working space in Berlin.

🦦 About the founders

✨ Emily (Twitter / LinkedIn)

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Product & Design

Former Product Lead for creator monetization at SoundCloud, Community Lead at SharkDAO, and contributor to Cabin. Fancy logos include University of St Andrews, OnDeck & Reforge.

Outside of work, you can find Emily working on her latest creative project or learning Japanese 🧵 🎨 🇯🇵

🔥 Ben (Twitter / LinkedIn)

Ben selfmade punk.png

Business, GTM & Operations

Former early-stage investor in the future of work and Web3. Fancy logos include LSE, Rocket Internet & btov Partners.

Outside of work you will find Ben cooking elaborate meals or planning the menu for his dream restaurant 🥘 🍷

🪐 Rahul (Twitter / LinkedIn)

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Tech, Cryptonomics & Integrations

Former Director at SoundCloud, Co-Founder/CTO of Music Web3 startup Paperchain and had been an active member in Web3 since 2016.

Outside of work, you can find Rahul fiddling guitar, at concerts, perfecting his Biryani recipe or chasing sun ☀️ 🎸 🍛